Mathew Heaton and Joseph Warren (Matt and Joe) are two students who write code in various programming languages, to various standards of quality. Some of this is published here, mainly Java projects for Android™ devices.
This was Joe's first real Java project. It's an Android™ Live Wallpaper that uses the album art of the last played track as a background.
This relies on an interface to the Music player being exported, as a result it only works on some Android™ devices.
Pendulum Lab
Pendulum lab is an android app written by Matt, that lets you simulate a chaotic double pendulum in real time and create beautiful patterns.
Simulate a chaotic double pendulum in real time on your phone. Create beautiful patterns with the trace feature. You can interact with the pendulum by using the touch screen to drag the masses around. All of the physical parameters are changeable in the preferences.
Also included is a single pendulum simulation, which includes a drive force and friction, making it chaotic.
Again all of these parameters can be changed in the preferences, making the application useful for education.
A simple, moderately configurable snake game for Android™. G Snake is controlled by tilting the device.
Like G Snake this is another relatively simple game for Android™.
This reinterpretation of the classic arcade game Space Invaders strives to take full advantage of the phone platform, instead of accurately replicating the original.
This Android™ Live Wallpaper creates a montage of contact icons, and uses it as the phone background.
This program was written over a fairly short period of time, however despite being simple, it appears to work effectively.